Cisco vs Huawei vs Juniper Basit CLI Komutları

Cisco vs. Huawei Essential Command Mapping

ping ping
traceroute tracert
show display
show interfaces display interface
Show ip route display routing-table
Show ip interface Display ip interface
Show version Display version
Show ip bgp Display bgp routing-table
Show clock Display clock
Show port Display port-mapping
Show flash dir flash: (on user view mode)
Show logging Display logbuffer
Show snmp Display snmp-agent statistics
Show frame-relay pvc Display fr pvc-info
Show users Display users
Show terminal length screen-length disable

undo screen-length disable

enable Super
disable Super 0 (number is privilege level from 0 to 3, where 3 is default and equivalent to “enable” on Cisco)
Conf t System-view
exit quit
end return
Show policy-map interface Display qos policy interface
send send (on user view mode)
write terminal (sh run) display current-configuration
Sh startup Display saved-configuration
[no equivalent: shows the files used for startup] Display startup
Write erase Reset saved-configuration
Write mem (or wr or copy run start) save
clear counters reset (on user view mode)

Reset counters interface

? ?
telnet telnet
Enable secret (conf mode) Super pass cipher (system mode)
Term mon term debu
clock clock
no undo
debug / no debug debugging / undo debugging
copy running-config Save safely
terminal monitor terminal monitor
terminal length screen-length disable

undo screen-length disable

terminal no monitor undo terminal monitor
clear counters reset counters interface
clear interface reset counters interface
clear crypto ipsec sa

ike sa

clear access-list counters reset acl counter all
reload reboot
shutdown shutdown
boot boot bootrom
Aaa hwtacacs scheme
terminal no monitor undo terminal monitor
tacacs-server hwtacacs scheme (in conf command)
snmp-server tftp-server (in conf command)
router bgp bgp
Router rip rip
ip tacacs hwtacacs nas-ip (this command doesn’t exist !!!)
mtu Mtu (this command doesn’t exist !!!)
clear ip cef reset ip fast-forwarding
clear ip route * reset ip routing-table statistics protocol all
Clear ip bgp Reset bgp all
Show tech display diagnostic-information
Sh ip nat translation Display nat session
Show Controller display controller (but not relevant for non-modular chassis)
show dsl int atm 0 display dsl status interface Atm 2/0
sho atm pvc Display atm pvc-info
debug pvc nego Debug atm all (very dangerous – might crash router)
sho crypto isakmp sa Display ike sa
sho crypto isakmp key Display ike peer
sho crypto isakmp police Display ike proposal


CLI Commands Cisco vs. Juniper Router will Help in Troubleshooting

Basic CLI Commands

Description Cisco IOS Juniper
To Ping  ping  ping
 traceroute  traceroute
To display date / time  show clock  show system uptime
To display Chassis status show environment  show chassis environment
To display history of commands entered  show history  show cli history
 show ip traffic  show system statistics
 show logging  show log
 show processes  show system processes
 show running config  show configuration
 show tech-support  request support information
 show users  show system users
 show version  show version
 show arp  show arp
 show interface  show interfaces
show interfaces detail
show interfaces extensive
 show ip interface brief  show interfaces terse
 show ip route  show route
 show ip route summary  show route summary
 show route-map  show policy
 show tcp  show system connections
 clear counters  clear interface statistics
 clear arp-cache  clear arp
 clear line
 clear ip route

BGP Commands 

Description Cisco IOS Juniper
   show ip bgp  show route protocol bgp
   show ip bgp community  show route community
   show ip bgp dampened paths  show route damping decayed
   show ip bgp neighbors  show bgp neighbor
   show ip bgp neighbors address
 show route advertising-protocol bgp
   show ip bgp neighbors address
 show route receive-protocol bgp address
   show ip bgp peer-group  show bgp group
   show ip bgp regexp  show route aspath-regex
   show ip bgp summary  show bgp summary
   clear ip bgp  clear bgp neighbor
   clear ip bgp dampening  clear bgp damping

 OSPF Commands

Description Cisco IOS Juniper
   show ip ospf database  show ospf database
   show ip ospf interface  show ospf interface
   show ip ospf neighbor  show ospf neighbor

IS-IS Commands

Description Cisco IOS Juniper
   show clns neighbor  show isis adjacency
   show isis database  show isis database
   show isis route  show isis routes
   show isis topology  show isis routes
   show isis spf-log  show isis spf log
   clear clns neighbor  clear isis adjacency
   clear isis *  clear isis database


Cisco vs Huawei vs Juniper Basit CLI Komutları

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